• The Teen Job Bank is designed to get students good, healthy, well-paying and safe jobs that they could not otherwise locate.
  • It desires to get the smart, articulate, friendly, high-energy students into the community to build respect for Souhegan High School and it’s quality education .
  • It offers the opportunity for students to meet with, learn from and gain respect for our neighbors and community members, while learning basic job skills. Further, it is based on the student’s availability and performed at mutual convenience.

Why the deduction of $2.00 per hour from the compensation of $12 per hour?

  • The student earns $12/hour (plus any earned tips) and then pays TJB $2 per hour to enable us to run the organization, pay for our basic costs, including the web site, and provide vital marketing to find the next jobs that then get worked by the students. There is no staff pay–only reimbursement for costs. 

What does the student need to do besides the job/task? 

  • Respond to the employer immediately after being given the job opportunity, so that they know you exist and will be available to help him/her in the requested time frame. The jobs are timed for “mutual convenience”.
  • Be courteous, responsible, friendly, prompt, and “cheery”. Be a perfect employee! Present the image that your parents, teachers and the Teen Job Bank look for as representatives of what we have all learned.
  • Ask questions; understand the task, the tools, the process and procedure, and the finish. Clean up! Do more that they expect! “Under promise and over deliver!” Do all that and you and we will get call-backs and more lucrative work in the future! 
  • Get to know the employer as best you can and allow them to get to know you! That is part of the program’s goal. The product of SHS is its students. Let’s sell that product to a community that doesn’t always understand how well the High School does its job and what a benefit and resource SHS is to our two towns.
  • Keep TJB informed! Did it go well? Are they good folks to work for? Were there problems? Did you not get paid? Are you being invited back? Are you looking for more work? Etc.!  
  • Do the job well, delight the employer and the we will protect you at that job. However, you are, in return, responsible for protecting TJB’s role.
  • Talk up the TJB. Ask them to refer us to their friends and neighbors. Word of mouth from happy customers is our best marketing tool. We always need new employers and jobs. Advertising for new opportunities is expensive.
  • Get your own good ideas to the TJB, so that we can continue to build and broaden our program. Provide a schedule of your availability frequently. Tell us when you are able to work and we will do our best to get you out working!