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How Did We Start?

Teen Job Bank was founded in Amherst, NH in July of 2010 by community member and seasoned businessman Rick Katzenberg and two then-senior high school students, Sarah White and Jenna Gowell. They had seen in the community a number of students in need of work, and a number of adults with work to be done lacking the time or capability to do the jobs themselves. The three set out to fill this need, and soon Teen Job Bank was born.


Why Teen Job Bank?

Today’s students find it almost impossible to balance homework, extra-curricular activities, and a part-time job. Teen Job Bank takes some of the stress out of their lives by providing students with jobs they are able to schedule on their own time. Students are asked to communicate with their employers about the time and location of the job, building mature communication skills on the students’ end, and giving Teen Job Bank the opportunity to showcase to local adults the capable teenagers that Amherst and Mont Vernon call their own.

Home-owners and businesses are able to hire hard-working students to fill their jobs. Often times, the jobs that TJB students are sent to do would otherwise go ignored for months on end. We have received endless praise for the characters and work ethic of the students that we send out to jobs. We at the Teen Job Bank are proud to provide a service that aids both students and adults in the community; in the money our students make, in the jobs employers are able to fill, and in the relationships built across generations between members of the community.


What kind of jobs do we do?

As Rick likes to put it, “We do everything but lobotomies.” Teen Job Bank has provided many services the years: yard work, gardening, babysitting, organizing, cleaning, and technological aid among the most common, as well as grocery shopping, taking out trash, assembling furniture, waitressing small events, laying brick walks, and painting houses (inside and out). As long as the job is safe for our employees, we will do our best to match a student with every job. If you have any questions about the job you are considering, please call or email Teen Job Bank.


Who runs this thing?

Teen Job Bank is proud to have grown over the years. Today we employ about 100 students and service about 160 employers. TJB is currently managed by a staff of eleven high school students, under the continued guidance of Rick Katzenberg.